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5 Basic Rules of Etiquette for Visiting a Casino

Casinos play a major part in entertaining people from around the world. Many resorts, cruise ships, and other vacation hot spots provide their guests with access to a casino.

If you are planning to play the tables at a casino, you should follow some rules of etiquette during your stay. Becoming familiar with the most basic rules of etiquette will help you have a more enjoyable and productive stay at a casino.

1. Follow the Dress Code 

Casinos used to be a place where people came dressed in their finest. While you might not need a three-piece suit or a ballgown to gamble in modern casinos, many of these establishments still have a dress code that players are expected to follow.

The dress code during daytime hours is usually more relaxed. Once the evening hours roll around, a casino owner or staff might want the players to look a little more presentable. Be sure to check if you have to wear a collared shirt or slacks before visiting a casino so that you won't arrive underdressed.

2. Learn the Game

One of the worst things that you can do is sit down at a casino table without knowing the rules of the game. Many seasoned gamblers are happy to help out beginners once or twice, but you could easily become a nuisance if it becomes clear that you don't know how to play.

The flow of the game will be disrupted if you are constantly stopping to try and figure out the rules. Delays can become a source of contention, so it's best to spend some time learning how to play your game of choice before you choose to visit a casino.

3. Silence Your Cell Phone

Almost everyone carries around a cell phone these days. While most casinos don't have any hard and fast rules against using your phone on the casino floor, most gamblers consider it extremely rude to take calls or answer text messages while seated at a table.

Audible notification alerts can become a major distraction for every player in the area. The best thing to do is silence all alerts and keep your cell phone in your pocket while you are playing the tables at a casino.

4. Leave a Tip

It has become customary for gamblers to leave generous tips for casino staff. Dealers and cocktail waitresses work hard to ensure that you have an enjoyable gambling experience. These employees are typically paid minimum wage by the casino, so they rely on tips to help supplement their income. There is no rule governing the amount you should leave as a tip, but be sure that your tip reflects the talent and attention you receive while seated at a player's table.

5. Get to Know the Chips

Chips have long been the currency of choice in a casino. Players exchange their cash for casino chips of the same value upon arrival. These chips are then used to place bets when gambling. All players should know what each chip represents and how to use it. Become familiar with the value of each chip offered by the casino where you will be playing. Learn about any additional chips that are used in games like roulette to help the dealer determine who placed which bet. The more familiar you are with the casino's chip system, the less likely you are to make a costly mistake when it comes to placing your bets during a visit to the casino.

You don't have to be a seasoned gambler to feel at home in a casino setting. Follow the basic rules of etiquette, and you are sure to enjoy the time you spend at casinos in the future.

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