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Traveling To An All-Inclusive Resort In Cancun? Awesome Excursion Ideas

From rest and relaxation to making memories with your family or friends, booking an all-inclusive vacation in Mexico can be a smart investment. All-inclusive resorts offer enormous benefits that are suited to you, your travel companions, and your finances. Not only are meals, drinks, and sometimes even gratuities included, but all-inclusive resorts offer fun activities and entertainment, all in the comfort of your resort. Of course, most vacationers will want to see more than just their resort if they are traveling to Mexico.

If you are vacationing at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, booking a few excursions is key to get you out of your resort. Here are a few excursions you must try in Cancun.

Walk the Mayan Ruins

If you are traveling to Cancun, visiting the Mayan ruins is a must during your trip. Your resort can help you book excursion packages which include transportation from the resort to the ruins' location. In addition, many of these excursion packages include guided, educational tours and snacks and beverages.

Chichen Itza is probably the most popular option for travelers interested in Mayan ruins. These ruins feature one of the newest seven wonders of the world, the El Castillo pyramid.

Spend a full or half day learning about the Mayan civilization, exploring temples and historical elements of the culture.

Underwater Adventure

It is perfectly acceptable to spend your water time at the resort's pool, but if you want exciting adventure and beautiful ocean life, consider booking an underwater excursion.

There are many companies that offer scuba diving or snorkeling packages. Unfortunately, many vacationers do not know the difference in these two activities.

Snorkeling involves swimming underwater with a snorkel, which is basically a mask that covers your eyes and nose, attached to a hose. The hose allows you to breathe while floating underwater, but near the surface.

Scuba diving is a bit more involved, since it involves swimming underwater, sometimes very deep into the water, with the help of an oxygen tank, breathing apparatus, and regulator.

Whether you choose to snorkel or scuba dive, you will be able to see the natural elements and wildlife of the ocean. Consider using your underwater camera to video and photograph sea life, or just experience swimming with sea turtles or actual sharks during one of these excursions.

Vehicle Tours

Today, more and more vacationers are experiencing the excitement of touring destinations in unique vehicles. In Cancun, there are many vehicles options to consider for touring the different parts of Mexico.

Drive an open four-wheel drive vehicle all through Playa del Carmen. Spend time in this beautiful city, dining at local eateries and shopping for souvenirs.

Book an excursion where you follow tour guides along the beaches and through the jungles of Cancun on ATV vehicles. Rent an ATV for just yourself, or consider a side-by-side vehicle for you and a guest.

Finally, driving an amphibious vehicle through underground caves will be an experience you'll never forget. These vehicles are designed to travel across land and through shallow water, allowing you to tour around many different locations.

Bundled Excursions

One of the greatest parts of booking excursions is that you can bundle different ideas to create an entire day of exciting memories. For example, consider booking a snorkeling adventure at one of the beaches near the Mayan ruins you are visiting. Or, drive an ATV through an area of the jungle where you can ride a zip line, have lunch, and then travel back to the start point on the same ATV.

Traveling to an all-inclusive resort does not mean you have to spend all of your time in the room or at the pool of your hotel. This guide will help you decide which excursions are right for you and your vacation. If you're traveling in other areas, such as Belize, contact resorts like Blackbird Caye Resort to learn more.

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